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The quality of our leather: full-grain sheepskin leather (full leather) - Rochembeau

Rochembeau: Full-grain Leather Club Armchairs & SofasRochembeau club armchairs and sofas are made from full-grain sheep leather called Basane
Full-grain leather (also called full-leather) retains its original thickness (1.2 to 1.4 mm). It is the most attractive and durable leather. Our genuine club armchairs and sofas are expertly crafted by hand using full-grain sheep leather, Basane, in order to guarantee the highest quality in terms of aesthetics, comfort, and service life.
Genuine leather (full-grain leather) is the most hard-wearing leather, ensuring our club armchairs have a long service life: more than 30 years on average!

Natural Leather
Our leather is dyed, patinated and waxed by hand, giving our club armchairs a natural appearance: our leather is untreated.
Sheep leather (Basane) is traditionally used for producing club armchairs and sofas. It is a natural leather which displays irregularities, marbling, nuances of colour, insect bites, superficial scratches and other small wounds characteristic of genuine natural leather.
Note that sheep leather (Basane) is a natural, untreated form of leather, and therefore marks easily, bearing the wear and tear of use coveted by true lovers of authentic club armchairs.

Qualite Cuir Basane Rochembeau
Brown full-grain leather (B3)

A Choice of 6 Colours
All our armchairs and sofas are available in 6 leather colours:

- Light brown (code A10)
- Brown (code B3)
- Dark Brown / Chocolate (code E1)
- Ferrari Red
- Burgundy (code 6A)
- Black (matt or glossy)

Our three shades of "BROWN" compared

A10 : Light brown B3 : Brown E1 : Dark Brown / Chocolate

fauteuil club marron clair

Light brown

fauteuil club marron


cuir pleine fleur marron foncé

Dark brown / Chocolate


2 « RED » colors :


cuir pleine fleur Rouge Ferrari cuir pleine fleur Rouge Bordeaux
Ferrari red 6A : Bordeaux

cuir pleine fleur rouge ferrari

Ferrari Red colour example

cuir pleine fleur bordeaux

Bordeaux colour example


2 « BLACK » colors :

cuir pleine fleur noir mat cuir pleine fleur Rouge Bordeaux
Matte black Glossy black

Can't decide between two or three colours? Contact us and we will send you leather samples..

The different qualities of leather

Full-grain Leather
Genuine leather is full-grain calfskin or sheepskin (Basane). The full thickness of the skin is used. Full-grain leather retains its original thickness. This is genuine leather and the most hard-wearing. The leather is unprocessed, appreciated by experts for its longevity; it has the grain, natural relief, and all the characteristics of natural animal skin (wrinkles, pin-holes, fat creases, etc.). These flaws are a mark of authenticity, contributing to making your club armchair unique.

Basane is full-grain sheep leather originally used to cover books (from the 17th century). Basane has shading on the skin, bites, superficial scratches and other small scars characteristic of genuine leather. This appealing leather will age naturally and deepen its patina over time, becoming more beautiful.
The average thickness of Basane is 1.2 millimetres.

Nubuck is leather than has been brushed or sanded, giving it a velvety look. Nubuck is produced from full-grain leather.

Split leather
Split leather is the flesh side of the hide obtained when split along its thickness. The skin side is called the grain. Split leather is of lesser quality.

Recommended care of your Leather Club Armchair or Sofa:

1. Avoid direct sun exposure
2. Avoid proximity to radiators
3. Avoid drying out caused by excessively dry air
4. Use a vacuum cleaner
5. Air the room on damp days
6. Do not use chemicals
7. Use tap or bottled water
8. Dab the leather without excessive pressure
9. Do not rub, except with a wool cloth

Care with leather cream

a) Obtain a colourless nourishing cream for leather
b) First test the cream on the back of the seat on a 5 cm square: allow to dry for 1 hour, then gently rub with a soft (wool) cloth
c) 2 or 3 times a year apply the cream to the entirety of the leather with a soft cloth (wool)

To remove superficial marks (e.g. fingernail scratches):

Dab and rub lightly with a wool cloth dipped in colourless nourishing cream for leather

Vous avez fait une tache sur le cuir ?

Depending on the type of stain: advice from


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A choice of 6 colors
couleur cuir rochembeau
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